Removing the Risk From Marketing
There are many conceivable reasons for not taking action in a business. None of them should be a fear of losing money. Welcome to a new era of success.


How We Guarantee a 100% Risk Free Marketing Experience

Step #1 is to know what you’re doing. We have 20+ years experience in online design, production, marketing and business development. There aren’t any challenges you’re experiencing in your business that we haven’t already seen or solved for someone else – even in this unprecedented time. But the key is in our continuous analytics and responsive adaptation.

If you can monitor, measure, and manage the people, processes, and systems involved, there’s no reason why you can’t underwrite the risk. That’s why we can offer a risk free guarantee on our Pro Management program. Once we agree on a set of measurable and monetizable KPIs, and Plasmechanica has full control of all the manageable factors involved, we’ll assure a zero loss on your entire investment over the course of a 12-month contract.


Your current business context is bewildering, and it’s not going to get clearer once the crisis ends. One thing is clear: this reality will have a long tail.

Time to establish a graduated action plan.


Awareness + Adaptation = Success


The bottom has fallen out of your business plan. External forces have placed your survival under threat. Fortunately, you know this won’t be forever. Unfortunately, you don’t know if the fog will clear in time, and you don’t know what the new normal will be.

Without the benefit of anticipating these unprecedented circumstances, what could your business have done to lessen the impact? What modes of operation could you have adopted to off-set the loss of your traditional, core business?

The answer is in there


  1. Up-front cost offsets
  2. Discovery – Strategic analysis using AdvantageStacking™
  3. Isolate opportunities
  4. Tactical Planning based on the 360º of Integration™.
  5. Monitored and Measured implementation
  6. Consistent and responsive analytics and recovery adaptation
  7. Comprehensive monthly updates

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