Content strategy is fundamental to ensuring marketing success, and having a fully engaged content strategist is imperative. That person brings discernment to the activities of every department in your organization, and assures congruent messaging in accordance with your key objectives.

Just as goals are meaningless without an action plan, strategies without coordinated oversight soon break down. Even if all department heads were equally involved in drafting the plan, they go back to their respective departments and have to respond to their own daily issues. It’s here that individual interpretations start eroding the strategic imperative in favour of them hitting their assigned KPIs.

The content strategist, however, is charged with ensuring the campaigns and messaging are strategically aligned, and the messaging remains congruent. Departmental interests are not put before objective results. This, of course, relies on the production of content, and your organization may not have a fully staffed communications department.

Some companies make a conscious choice between in-house or 3rd party contributors. There may be aesthetic reasons for this (changing up the creativity), but more likely it’s financial – one way is either less expensive or less effective than the other. In either case, it’s worth considering an agency with proven credentials that provides skilled professionals producing tailored content solutions for their clients.¬†Managed properly, they will quickly produce a return, eliminating any question of cost. That management is where the content strategist comes in.

Source your own, or request a consultation from us. We’ll give you non-biased advice as to how you should proceed. If we’re a good fit, great; otherwise let’s get you pointed in the right direction.


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